Taiwanese BioArt Community

Project website at http://bioart.tw/

Bioart.tw is a Bioart community that focuses on stimulating the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan. It also tries to encourage conversation between Taiwan and other practitioners in Science + Art in Asia, and possibly other parts of the world. The main activities the community facilitates including information sharing on the internet and frequent physical meetings such as DIY Bio workshops, art project roundtables, creative discussions regarding imaginative creatures or philosophy of science and culture, book clubs, international skype meeting between different BioArt spaces, talks, and speed-dating for scientists and artists, etc. The community serves as a platform for interactions between biology and art and from which gathers people with interdisciplinary fields. It aims to increase the transformation within the interactions between culture and other different disciplines such as Science and Art, Biotechnology, cultural science critics, and sci-fi imaginations, just to list a few.

As an artist, Taiwanese BioArt Community is also a long term art project, through which the organisers (me and a few other artists) attempt to hack the system organically. It is also a testbed for expriementing human interaction, contemporary methodologies, and social intervention. The community was officially founded in Oct 2012, and has been actively running ever since.

Events and activities in Taiwanese BioArt Community since 2012 up till Aug 2014.
Plan for hacking the system.