PSX Consultancy


Collaboration with Spela Petric, Dimitris Stamatis, and Jasmina Weiss

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A permanent collection of Museum of Architecture and Design, Slovenia

Sexual reproduction and with it sexuality is one of life's ubiquitous evolutionary adaptations. Although it is a unifying trait shared by all living creatures, its actualisation is as diverse as the organisms to which it pertains.

Across the board plants have been very inventive in utilising biotic and abiotic processes to improve their sex life, without hesitation involving other creatures in their debauchery, notoriously “selfing” if given the chance, and shamelessly changing the appearance of their sex organs to attract new pollinators if the old ones become too much of a hassle.

The mission of the Plant Sex Consultancy is to accommodate the various potential requests of plant clients, designing augmentations inspired by nature and culture to increase the pleasure and (re)productivity of plant sex as one of the staples of species' survival. The design process is plant-centered and methodologically based on science fiction prototyping, relying heavily on the existing knowledge of plant ecology, physiology and reproduction.

Although extensively studied, the primary “clients” (plants) remain candid in their true necessity and hopelessly silent about their interest. As a result, the augmentations conceived through this project are critical discursive objects rather than designed solutions. They are the manifestation of the human “feeling into” the Other and a benevolent projection of a paradoxical utility onto nature. Further, the analogies between the plant and human-centered designs of sex toys result in the fetishization of plant reproductive strategies and, in turn, in the banalization of human sexuality. Through the parallelism between plants and humans we begin to realise that seeking what is “natural” in human sexual practices could lead to much more kink than imagined.

Booklet spread from PSX Consultancy's publication.

Booklet spread from PSX Consultancy's publication.

Flower plug for Canna.

Mutation ritual for Curcuma

Circumscision for Abutilon.

Vanity lace for Carnation

Vibrator for Cyclamen

Dildo and cock ring for Sarracenia.