Studies of Interbeing - Interbeing 1:1


Community Knitting patterns and instructions here.

The project is an artistic exploration towards an intuitive way to understand what the COVID-19 pandemic has entailed for the human-virus relationship. It is also an effort to explore a spiritual space that combines art and science during the pandemic time for self-reflections that are deeply linked with humanistic rituals. The project consists of four different parts: the community gathering and three sequels of performances that correspond to different stages of the pandemic, reflecting the pandemic status between 2020-2023 in the Netherlands and Taiwan.

The project started in late 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic through an attempt to translate the microperformativity of the human cells as virus replication machines into human scale. Taking the inspiration where the movements of ribosomes while synthesising polypeptides are similar to the human actions of hand knitting, the artist translated the virus’ spike protein sequences into knitted structures, through the physical labours of knitting to understand the body’s effort of replicating SARS-CoV-2. Integrated with the feminine culture of knitting gatherings, the spike protein pattern is then published online, inviting knitters to join and to reflect on our relationship with the seemly deadly virus [then].

The structural detail of SARS-CoV-2 was further translated into knitted textiles to create a full virus. An embodiment ritual was developed where a human becomes the virus and gains the virus perspective in late 2021 in the Netherlands in response to the strict quarantine. Following by the prayer ritual in early 2022 in Taiwan before the actual outbreak of COVID in Taiwan. The installation is then eventually becoming a reconciling ritual between humans and the virus in early 2023 in Taiwan while COVID has been normalized for the time being. These performances reflect our mentality towards SARS-CoV-2 at different stages and serve as sensible diaries documenting our spirituality of the time.

  • Artist: Pei-Ying Lin
  • Knitting Support: Hsiang-Lin Kuo、Textiel Museum / TextielLab - Damien Semerdijan
  • Music and Sound Performance: Pei-Yuan Chen
  • Science Consultant: Shi-Shing Huang, Miranda de Graaf
  • Community: Gea Bonaffini, Dana Savic
  • Community Participation: Tan-Chi Chao, Wies Scheffer, Lizette Engelen, Chun-Hsien Wu
  • Production support: Tan-Chi Chao, Chao-Chun Chan, Yi-Han Yen
  • Structural Design: Min-Shu Huang
  • Embodiment Ritual Performance:
    • Performer: Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
    • Cinematography: Erfan Abdi
    • Video Editing: Erfan Abdi, Pei-Ying Lin
    • Music: Pei-Yuan Chen
    • Production support: Tan-Chi Chao, Chao-Chun Chan, Yi-Han Yen
  • Prayer Ritual Performance:
    • Performer& Music: Pei-Yuan Chen
    • Cinematography: Yi-Fen Lin
    • Sound: Kylin Lee / Nil-Ravine Sound Assembly Studio
    • Stage Manager: Mao-Chang Chen
  • Reconcilement Ritual Performance:
    • Director: Pei-Ying Lin
    • Performer & Music: Pei-Yuan Chen
    • Cinematography: Hsin-Wen Huang
    • Filming Assistant: Chelsea Yang
    • Filming Equipment: Chao Film Studio Ltd.
    • Video Editing: Pei-Ying Lin
    • Production Management: Mao-Chang Chen
    • Sound: Kylin Lee / Nil-Ravine Sound Assembly Studio
  • Chinese Subtitle Translation: James Lo
  • Supporting Institution: Instrument Inventors Initiative
  • Installation Implementation: Mao-Chang Chen
  • Sponsors:Hong Foundation, Hong Chien Ching-Hui, National Taiwan Science Education Center, National Culture and Arts Foundation
2023 - The Reconcilement - Trailer
2021 - The Embodiment
2022 - The Prayer