Dialogue between Heaven, Earth, and All Beings


This project was an invitation from calligrapher Grace Yang-Tze Tong to introduce the beauty of calligraphy to youngsters. The prerequisit is to use the 13-m diameter surrounding screen in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Mrs. Tong's calligraphy works.

Mrs. Tong has been famous for challenging the scope of space and interpreting chinese classicals with abstract art. Her works are the combinations of abstract paintings and calligraphy. We used the concept of "opening a calligraphy scroll to evoke the spirit inside", let users open Mrs. Tong's scrolls on the table, which evokes the original literature and word-tags - we called them "cultural genes" - related with the literature to appear on the table surface. Throughout the history, the meaning of a word or phrase of evolves each time they were being used, and sometimes they are the reference towards the past as well. They are like genes hidden in the language that passes from our ancestors to us. Thus we searched on the Internet for blogs and articles that uses the tag (under Creative Commons), and show them around the tags, to connect the past with present. And the users will further to see a short animation that elaborate from the calligraphy piece on the scroll, to see a whole new possibility of calligraphy.

We hope through this project, the youngsters can find calligraphy are not just serious and antigue but something that can be astonishing and interesting.


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichun, Taiwan


2009.02.21 - 2009.04.26


Bejaming Tsiang


Pei-Ying Lin, Jaen Saul, Chih-Hao Yu, Edward Shen, Peter Chang, Remi Huang, Elisa Lin


JL Design, Angel Art Gallery