Pei-Ying Lin Portfolio
Design Interactions, Royal College of Art


Feb 2012 - current

– Emotions, Languages, Translation

Unspeakableness is a project that investigates human emotions and languages. By re-looking at how humans communicate, it searches for a way to connect our inner self and personal emotions, through the design of a personal language and several new ways of communication. It is is an investigation of how language can be improvised to connect our emotions in this multilingual world.

The focus of the project is human being, and the artefacts created through the most basic human needs - language. The direction of the project has been changed from the interaction between people to interaction within one’s self. It is a process for me and the participants to re-define the languages we are using today, to take control ourselves instead of being controlled by the structure of languages.

The project is avialable online at (Must visit to actually see the project!)